Senin, 07 Februari 2011

do you believe in happy ending?

dear my stalkers...

do you believe in happy ending?
bcs if there's no happy there's no ending,
or you believe nothing's ever end?
depends on you

yeah feels like fairy tale
cool story bro

bcs everything will be........
in the end

but now, I secretly write it
just like Kenneth Robert "Kenny" Vasoli (one of my current fav. musician) say
"the worst is over and you can have the best of me"

so who'll be the luckiest one?
d'oh retardly shit! sucking my head..

oh well..
shit head!
now I slightly agree with you all,
before i leave this entire place (senior high school and town then continuing study to my revery university, head over heels I tremendously wish I can study there, I believe you all know what university i mean, the best yellow one in this beloved country, BIG AMEN),
I should give the sweetest one of memories,
It's not abt your name and my name consist of 18 letters
and another so many amazing stuff abt us
but, ya whatever..
lame-o *justkidding
I guess all my stalkers agree if I'm with YOU, i don't already know why...

can I get the answers, stalkers?


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