Senin, 31 Mei 2010

thanks y`all my strangers!

Hey! Last post in this Month! What a Month!!!

I just wanna say thank you for all in this time! This simple one to write…

Yoy, Sorry if I left you and made you cold and still waiting for my updates. Stupid Idiot. Did you want my updates? Hm oh yoo blaabladablaamoo not yet? I don`t know anymore.. Sorry to left you cold, I couldn`t updates on my twitter !!! ooo what`s wrong with my twitter account? I couldn`t signing in it, I lost my twitter account, I wish it could back to me, if no come yet maybe i`ll make a new one, i`ll tell you if that was happened. But, i`m not really want, i`m not sure for this, I miss the old one. I`ll waiting for my old twitter account come back before had a new one.

Anyway, I remember to say thanks very much to you all the readers. Yes. all of my readers are strangers. Hu-ha! Obviously, I know you know me, but I not. Can you hear me? Can you see me? What i don`t know can not hurt me.. and I don`t know why yall read my post and my tweet (on twitter) without follow me? What the reasons? I`m so dissapointed with, but no need worry about that, just spending my time. Well then, if i do all of the above as a big problem, i'm nothing more than a brainless retard. So thank you strangers..

as you know I can see you..

I know you..


see you anytime soon ya blogga

bye now

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