Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

lost in time in place

fck ruttle..

You said I lost in time!
I said You lost in place!
but obviosly, we guess we both lost of 'em. Word!

Nothin' both kno that wud be so lameee, but real hell down!
Indeed not recently, we watched TS3 in 3D wf a french moments. Yes you and me knew it's not suitable for us, this proper for child, but wtvr I tought it's good kok and so sad in ending. Well then, we were wickedly interested wf one qoute from, that's: "...no owner no heartbreak..." Yap I guess we both 'em and u guess so. Nah, If 'em hpnd just say bye, another plenty of, kok!

Already u like being undistinct and I also. Both free is better, u and me both kno, but we've stayed in true same heart. If we want we will in right time and right place. Might be, u've one there, me too here. Or both us gonna be players? Oops, usually confuse n dizzy mess haha! Nope hope ya! But, depends on you and yours and literally depends on the conditions sih heeee.. Maybe I'm longing that our french moments and 'em and u longing to feel my embrace so. There are several days until.......... when? idk. hmm until meet in another day lah, in right moment too! But, C'mon dear! Already I'll let u see the beginning of our fav. current position! Best of part! Stay ya dear..


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